Community Solar

For renters & homeowners. Rooftop not required.

Nothing to install, no fees or deposits and no long term contracts. Simply link your utility account to a nearby Solar Farm, and receive guaranteed savings up to 20% per month on electricity. 

What is Community Solar?

Community Solar is enabled by your state’s Renewable Energy Program, which encourages the development of solar farms as a way to meet aggressive clean energy targets over the next few years.

With community solar farms, multiple utility customers can receive bill credits and cost savings for helping green the power grid, including renters and low income customers.

Community Solar is the EASIEST way to go solar, reduce your carbon emissions, and save money.

How does it work?

1. Link your utility bill to a solar farm

Connect your existing electric account with a nearby solar farm. You just need a copy of your recent utility bill. Enroll online in under 2 minutes, completely free.

2. Match with a green energy project

Our partner matches you to a local solar farm. Based on your annual consumption, your home is allocated a share of the electricity that the project generates.

3. Start generating green energy

When there is sunshine, the solar farm generates power and feeds it to your community’s electric grid.

4. Receive solar credits

Your utility bill is credited for the amount of solar energy that was generated for you during this billing cycle, reducing the electric portion you pay the utility (see example below). 

5. Autopay for your green energy

A couple days after your reduced utility bill arrives, you autopay your solar farm directly for your solar credits at the guaranteed discount of 5-20% (depending on region & utility).

Example Utility Bill with Solar Credits

Sample Utility Bill with Community Solar from Finray Solar

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We 💘 our customers

Save money and the environment

By applying for credits from a local solar farm, you can earn bill credits for up to 20 years and SAVE THOUSANDS of dollars!

You also help fund the building of new solar farms, which allows for more homes to connect to a renewable source, and reduces America’s dependency on fossil fuels (ie. natural gas, oil, coal).

Join us on OUR MISSION to connect 500,000 Americans to clean energy by 2030, enroll today!

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