Energy Supply Options

The cheapest supplier, compared to the most expensive, can be a difference of over $500 a year!

You can now choose who supplies your energy (electricity and natural gas). Options like a fixed rate, green energy sources, and potential savings!

Man at table budgeting, writing with right hand, adding coins to jar with left hand

Fixed Rate or Variable Rate?

Like a mortgage, you have the choice to lock a guaranteed rate (for up to 60 months), or you can ride the unpredictable variable rate (aka. market rate). Short term rates may be cheaper initially, but can increase with time because of supply shortages, increased demand, extreme weather conditions, and political uncertainty. Locking your rate provides stability and protection against uncertainty in energy markets.

Renewable Energy

Finray Solar offers cost-effective renewable energy plans to help you reduce carbon emissions, quickly and easily. Our partner suppliers purchase renewable energy certificates from verified projects to match your home electricity and/or gas consumption. For a typical household in America, choosing clean energy supply is the equivalent of taking a car off the road – for the year!

Whether shopping for a lower rate or clean energy, it only takes a few clicks

When you choose a new energy supplier, they will replace the existing supplier on your current utility bill. And at the end of your term, you will receive an email from us so you can choose a new plan.